Canal Rings

We offer you three canal holiday rings, using the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Rochdale Canal and Leeds & Liverpool Canal. The shortest of these takes at least eleven days (Rochdale/HNC). The L&L/Rochdale is just achievable in two weeks with a very active crew. If you have three weeks you can do justice to the L&L with either the HNC or Rochdale. All these routes are immensely rewarding, but are absolutely not suited to the inexperienced, or less than intrepid. You have to get the timing right and recover from the unexpected. Please discuss your intended route with us before you book.

See also our rewarding one way trips - rings unravelled, from 7 nights.

Mileages and times (for guidance) are for the complete ring.

South Pennine Ring

South Pennine Ring 71 miles 197 locks 80 hours
Two Pennine crossings, via the Huddersfield Narrow and Rochdale, through mind-blowing scenery, urban and rural, and of course Standedge Tunnel. Best done in a fortnight, with an absolute minimum of 11 days.

Northern Pennine Ring

Northern Pennine Ring. 185 miles 215 locks 115 hours
Two Pennine crossings, via the Rochdale and the Leeds & Liverpool. Every possible kind of scenery. Better done in three weeks; active and organised crews can do it in two.

Outer Pennine Ring

Outer Pennine Ring 192 miles 248 locks 130 hours
Another two Pennine crossings, using the Huddersfield Narrow and Leeds & Liverpool. This really does need three weeks; an unforgettable journey.

Cheshire Question Mark

The Cheshire Question Mark. 123 miles 155 locks 80 hours (via Rochdale, excluding the Ashton) 128 miles 188 locks 90 hours (via Huddersfield, including the Ashton)
This combines the Cheshire Ring with a one way trip across the Rochdale or Huddersfield Narrow. Either route is achievable by a dedicated crew in two weeks. Only available with Cornwalll.