One Way Canal Holidays

We give you a choice of four one-way canal routes: by the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, or the Rochdale Canal. All are suitable only for crews with experience of locks. These canal holidays are available for one and two weeks.
We cannot tell you the start point till the week before your canal holiday. We arrange minibus transfer, at extra cost. It is not possible to book two one-way boats at once. You must tell us your intended route when you book.

We also have some rewarding Rings, from 11 to 21 nights.
Boats for these routes start on Saturday or Monday at 2pm and finish 9am.
Mileages and times (for guidance) are for the complete one-way trip.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Leeds & Liverpool 82 miles 79 locks 45 hours
Explore Yorkshire's rivers, and cross the backbone of England through an endless variety of West Riding town and countryside.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Huddersfield Pioneers. 33 miles 97 locks 40 hours
Cross the Pennines through the longest, highest and deepest canal tunnel.

Rochdale Canal

Rochdale Pioneers 38 miles 100 locks 40 hours
The broad Pennine crossing with romantic views and charming towns.

Rochdale/Leeds & Liverpool

Lancashire Lads. 100 miles 136 locks 65 hours
A punishing schedule for the most committed boaters, via Wigan.